Friday, October 8, 2010

Sedimentary Review

Arkosik Sandstone
Color: rosy, gray
Features: gravel (smaller than conglomerate)

Color: gray, brown
Features: hard, layered colors

Color: black
Features: smooth, mudrock, lightweitght

Color: orange, brown, rust
Features: large rounded pieces, gravel

Fossiliferous Limestone
Color: gray, brown
Features: reacts with HCl, visible fossilized organisms

Color: gray
Features: smooth, reacts with HCl

Quartz Sandstone
Color: brown, gold, red, pink
Features: sandy, light layers, soft, small grains like beach

Rock Gypsum
Color: white, off-white
Features: looks like Gypsum mineral, lightweight, soft

Color: gray, dark gray
Features: soft, layers, flat-sided

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